Lily Collins said she doesn’t use the fact that her father is well-known as a “free pass.”

As the host of Netflix’s “Emily in Paris,” Lily Collins is a star in her own right, but she is also a member of Hollywood royalty thanks to her famous parents, Phil and Jill Collins. Yes, Lily is the offspring of the renowned performer and Genesis frontman and the American socialite. The 33-year-old still has a good relationship with her mother and usually writes her father a heartfelt birthday letter, although she didn’t always get along with him.

Lily Collins authored a memoir titled “Lily Collins Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me” in 2017 in which she discussed her father’s absence from her childhood in public for the first time. I never wanted to do anything that would make my dad remain away even longer because he was frequently gone, she wrote, according to People. “Because I was worried he would believe I didn’t love him or was furious, I became extra cautious about what I said and how I said it. In actuality, I was enraged. I desired his presence and missed him.”

The “The actress from “Emily in Paris” clarified everything at the end of her open letter and said, “I forgive you for not always being there when I needed you and for not being the dad I anticipated. I absolve you of your errors.” According to Lily’s Instagram feed, the two seem to be in a lot better situation right now.

Lily recently denied exploiting nepotism to her benefit despite having a well-known father and stated that she never intended to have an advantage over others in the profession because of her father’s status. In her December 2022/January 2023 cover story, she said, “It was out of the question that people would assume that I utilise a free pass because to my name,” according to ET Canada. “Despite being my dad’s kid and being proud of him, I wanted to be me. I was willing to wait to make progress for it.”

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