Lili Reinhart Doesn’t Think She’ll Get Another Met Gala Invitation After Kim Kardashian Remark

Lili Reinhart has already attended several Met Galas, but she is unsure if she will be asked to return to the largest night in fashion.

Lili admitted to having “joy” at the 2022 event in an interview with W, but she thinks her remarks regarding Kim Kardashian’s extreme measures to get into a Marilyn Monroe dress may have an impact on her future participation.
In case you missed it, Kim garnered attention for attending the 2022 event dressed as Marilyn Monroe. Kim underwent a rigorous and perhaps hazardous weight loss plan in order to wear the outfit.

Kim’s remarks and decision drew criticism, and soon after the Met Gala, Lili published an Instagram post that made fun of the celebrity diet culture. Lili never specifically mentioned the Kardashians, according to E! She instead stated, “to blatantly acknowledge starving oneself in order to attend the Met Gala when you are fully aware that millions of young people are looking up to you and paying close attention to everything you say. The ignorance is abhorrently alien.”

She said to W that she doesn’t believe she would be asked back after she said “a particular things about a certain person in a certain attire.”

Lili said as she proceeded, “I’ve always desired to take a position. I also never overthink what I publish, even if I don’t enjoy it if one of my comments results in 17 pieces in People magazine. It needs to accurately reflect my feelings. And I would say it regardless of whether I had 100 or 100,000,000 followers.”

The subject of the Met Gala is already known, however it is now unknown who will attend. The celebration, which is slated for May 1, 2023, will commemorate fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld under the heading Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty.

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