Sunak seeks to quell the Tory backlash to onshore wind projects; get the latest

Ministers are considering energy bill reductions for locals as Labour shows support for Conservative rebels.
As a minister indicated a climbdown in the face of a sizable Tory revolt, the restriction on onshore wind farms is likely to be overturned.

The business secretary, Grant Shapps, acknowledged that additional onshore wind farms will be constructed and claimed that they would be “popular” in some areas because they would create employment and improve local infrastructure.
After a backbench uprising headed by Simon Clarke, the previous levelling-up secretary, ministers realised Rishi Sunak faced a loss in the Commons and began looking for a compromise. In order to quell the uprising, they are now expected to introduce their own amendment to the levelling-up measure that outlines how communities will approve local onshore wind projects.

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