The new girlfriend of the World Cup is Paraguayan!

Ana Espínola, who’s consider a onlyfanstar, after been published in Playboy several times is catching the attention of soccer players, media and Tv . As her appearance in each stadium is iconic, the model wear  Albirroja t shirt (origin paraguay team) plus the  méxico flag . 

After posting her experience on her tiktok, her videos holding méxico flag went viral. 

We contacted Ana who’s is in Doha now, and ask her experience, she told us she’s excited because she have a magazine contract for December and a exotic cars company from Catar interested in her been the face of the exotic cars like Lamborghini and Ferrari 

Fitness , sport and luxury is what Ana represents . 

There’s no doubt that we have a new girlfriend for the world cup  Doha Catar 2022

Mexico was beaten by Argentina, we don’t have the world champion of soccer yet but At least we know who’s taking the crown back home .

The model have more matches to attend . 

Take a look to her social media to follow up next games 

Instagram @ana_espinola_b

Twitter @anitaespinola 

Tiktok @ana_espinola_b5

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