Melanie Lynskey, the star of Yellowjackets, reveals On the Coyote Ugly set, she was subjected to body shaming: It was absurd.

Melanie Lynskey discusses her unpleasant experience shooting on the Coyote Ugly sets.

On the Coyote Ugly sets, Melanie Lynskey opens up about the challenges she encountered. This week marks the 22nd anniversary of the musical’s premiere, and Lynskey is sharing that she had some negative experiences while filming the love story. Tyra Banks, Piper Perabo, Maria Bello, Izabella Miko, Adam Garcia, and other actors were also included in the David McNally-directed movie.

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The Yellowjackets actor revealed intimate information from the sets to The Hollywood Reporter in a recent interview “Every girl was required to follow this regimen. That was absurd.” I was already starving myself and as skinny as I could be for this physique, and I was still a [size] four, the woman said. In addition, she explained the situation to ET, saying, “There were already people putting a lot of Spanx on me in wardrobe fittings and being really unhappy when they saw me, the costume designer [at the time] being like, “Nobody told me there would be girls like you.”

Lynskey continued, “In your early 20s, a lot of it revolves on appearance, how people see you, and do they want to f—- you? Do individuals believe you to be their best friend? Even with my best friend, I began to think, “I don’t want to do that too often,” “referring to her part as the lead actress’s best friend in the movie.

The actress clarified in a tweet after the interview received significant internet attention: “Please allow me to explain a few points as I notice this has become a headline. For whatever reason, Coyote Ugly’s original costume designer quit her job. A sweet, gentle woman named Marlene Stewart took her place, and she was AMAZING.” “The first person was mean, the guy credited was not,” she defended. She continued by expressing regret for the confusion and saying she was in “the business of publicly humiliating people.”

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