Regarding Brad Pitt’s alleged assault, Angelina Jolie filed an unnamed FBI case, according to reports

According to reports, Angelina Jolie was responsible for the anonymous FBI complaint that sought records relating to an inquiry into Brad Pitt.

According to rumours, Angelina Jolie has been identified as the unidentified plaintiff in the FBI lawsuit concerning the alleged assault by Brad Pitt. Variety claims that Jolie told an FBI agent that Brad “physically and verbally attacked” her and their children when they were on the plane, citing a Puck report.

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According to the report, Brad allegedly led Angelina to the back of the aircraft, gripped her shoulders, and said things like, “You’re f*g up this family,” according to the FBI agent’s notes. Additionally, Angelina claimed that Pitt spilled beer on her during a physical struggle that happened on the same trip and resulted in her suffering injuries. She also claimed that Pitt was intoxicated at the time. The actor’s management team refuted every accusation.

According to reports, the special agent met with the assistant US attorney after the event and decided not to press charges. As a result, Jolie allegedly filed a lawsuit in secret against the FBI to get information on the federal inquiry into Brad.

In an effort to learn why Pitt wasn’t charged with a crime after the 2016 aeroplane incident that caused her and Pitt to break up, Jolie reportedly filed a lawsuit against the FBI in April under the alias Jane Doe, asking information relating to an investigation involving Pitt.

Page Six reported that a source close to Pitt said that copies of all records relating to the event had been delivered to all parties, and that “Angelina and her staff have been urgently trying to discover something.” All of this is for show. She already knew all of this knowledge five and a half years ago. Nothing new is presented here.

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