In a recent interview, the K-pop sensation discusses his struggle with anxiety.

RM, a member of the BTS band, and Pharrell Williams are the new faces on the Rolling Stone cover.

The K-pop sensation opened up to Williams about his fears, the stress of being a celebrity, and his impending solo album while discussing his professional trajectory thus far. When discussing how the Asian community was represented, RM added, “As a team, we’ve travelled to the U.N. and met President Biden. We never anticipated these things happening, but I believe it was only natural for us to represent the Asian community. I frequently ask yourself, “Am I that good? Do I deserve all of these obligations? And I’m seriously questioning myself.

RM continued to talk about his anxiousness, recalling his first performance at the age of 15, when he “lost most of the words” and realised he wasn’t “a star type” but rather “just a human who enjoys composing music.” The singer then discussed BTS’ April 2018 stadium tour in Las Vegas, describing each night as a hardship. We’re like, “We’re f-cking back,” and for the following two hours and fifteen minutes, I take on a different character. Due to the fact that I am fully aware that fans purchase tickets and travel from all over the world, including Brazil, Japan, and Korea, I became quite anxious and felt a great sense of responsibility. They just spend that one night there.

The performer admitted that he frequently feels under pressure to deliver his audience the finest night ever. “I’m a human, and sometimes I truly become anxious and saddened by, and even engulfed by, all the energy,” he continues. But because I adore the music, I make an effort to cope. I adore their affection. Because of the worldwide support, I might be able to interview Pharrell. I just am always appreciative and don’t want to let them down.

Williams and RM also talked about RM’s next solo album, which he has been working on for a while. Although RM has previously worked on a few solo projects, the upcoming album is expected to be his very first formal solo release. He tells Williams that “when I started my music, I was like 14, and now I’m 28,” and that “like 90% of the work is done. I’m now going through that procedure. I really don’t know what’s going to happen since it’s so complicated and convoluted.

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