The high-fashion influencer and entrepreneur Mandana Bolourchi made her presence felt at the Milan Fashion Week 2022

Mandana Bolourchi highlights how it was a phenomenal experience being beside some of the greatest fashion geniuses in the industry.

No matter how much ever we discuss about people making it huge in their industries and going against the tides to create their own path to growth and success in their niches, it still feels that much more discussions are needed around them for others, especially budding talents from the younger brigade to understand their brilliance and know their genius. It won’t be wrong to say that the fashion industry particularly is one, which has seen staggering levels of growth because of such geniuses, which includes high-fashion influencers and entrepreneurs like Mandana Bolourchi, who recently was seen making her presence felt at the Milan Fashion Week in September 2022.

Everyone was stunned by how phenomenally Mandana Bolourchi carried herself arriving to the Dolce & Gabbana show at the Metropol in Milan, Italy. Be it as a fashion, beauty, lifestyle influencer, entrepreneur being the Co-founder of MA Hair Co. based in Beverly Hills or as a philanthropist, she has aced the game in everything, which is why her presence at the much-talked-about fashion week made a huge impact at everyone present there, which also included the who’s who of the fashion world.

From starting her fashion week front row at the Philipp Plein show, wearing a hot pink coat, and a crystal embellished mini dress (2023 collection), the special Ciao Kim Dolce & Gabbana show, arriving with a whole team of Dolce & Gabbana representatives, wearing a head-to-toe Dolce & Gabbana in a black full-body sheer lace outfit with a Dolce & Gabbana tiara outfit to the Ciao Kim show (2023 collection), while also being seen promoting more Dolce & Gabbana looks in her recent Instagram posts, to attending Dolce & Gabbana’s after party holding a DG shopping bag and making her presence felt at the whole Milan Fashion Week attending prominent brands shows, she made sure to stand out from the rest, exuding her passion for fashion.

There is so much more in the near future that this “IT” girl from Beverly Hills and highly passionate influencer (@the.mandanais looking forward to do and stun many others across the fashion world.

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