During the procession to Westminster Castle with the late Queen’s coffin, Prince Harry and Prince William walk side by side.

At the procession for the Queen’s coffin, the royal brothers come together one more as they walk side by side.

respecting someone. The royal family gathered on September 8th to pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth II, who had been the longest-reigning monarch in the history of the UK. The casket of the Lying-in State Queen was transported to Westminster Castle on Wednesday during the seven days of national mourning, in an emotional procession.

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Through the streets of Buckingham Palace, the coffin was borne. The bereaved royal family, including newly-installed King Charles III and his son Prince William, were present. Formerly known as the Prince of Wales, the latter walked alongside his younger brother Prince Harry the entire time. Along with the three males, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward were other royals who participated in the procession. As everyone hurried to Balmoral when the physicians warned that the monarch’s health was failing, these were also the people who spent the monarch’s final moments by her side.

The fact that Prince Harry, who left the royal family in 2020 with his bride Meghan Markle, was also present by his older brother’s side made the occasion special. Recently, reports that the two had a poor relationship filled the news, but when the brothers and their spouses rejoined at Windsor Castle a few days ago, all hope for a reconciliation between the two was once more rekindled. The public gathered outside the Queen’s house and the two couples met them as they surrounded the gates to pay their respects to the monarch.

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