Shawn Levy discloses He and Ryan Reynolds have talked about a Stranger Things-Deadpool crossover.

Ryan Reynolds and Shawn Levy have been working on a possible Deadpool and Stranger Things crossover, the actor disclosed.

One filmmaker that is currently associated with two of the largest franchises is Shawn Levy. Along with directing the third Deadpool movie with Ryan Reynolds, he is also the producer and director of Stranger Things. Even though Stranger Things may now be working on its last season, it has been made known that the programme will acquire spin-offs that will continue the show’s universe.

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When asked by Variety about the creation of a Stranger Things cinematic universe during his recent visit on the Emmy Awards red carpet, Levy replied that he has been learning from Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige in order to do so. Shawn mentioned spending time with Kevin Feige while discussing the subject, saying, “I’m learning a lot about how to govern a universe, therefore I’m taking those talents and applying them to the STCU.”

The filmmaker responded when asked if he had any thoughts about fusing the Marvel and Stranger Things universes with a Deadpool and Stranger Things crossover “We were trying to figure out how in the world Ryan [Reynolds] and I could do a Deadpool-Stranger Things crossover. It is on the table, but we haven’t figured it out yet.”

Levy afterwards turned to his social media to clarify that nothing significant was in the works, despite the fact that this remark was sufficient to excite fans and even inspire them to start concocting theories about how it would occur. He posted on Twitter, saying: “With the exception of his own or his enemies’ blood, Wade Wilson cannot abide the sight of blood. Nosebleeds are difficult to pass. People, there will be no DP/ST crossover. I apologise if my poor joke resulted in false headlines.”

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