On their provocative new song, “If I Get Caught,” R&B duo DVSN samples JAY-Z.

The daring new track “If I Get Caught” by the R&B duo dvsn, which includes vocalist Daniel Daley and GRAMMY Award-winning producer Nineteen85, is released via OVO Sound and Warner Records along with an equally disturbing new video.

“If I Get Caught” samples “Song Cry” from JAY-breakthrough Z’s 2001 album The Blueprint with Jermaine Dupri’s assistance. It transforms the timeless Hip Hop song into a moral quandary about adultery and how it affects a relationship.

On the chorus, dvsn says, “If I get found cheating, it don’t mean I don’t love you.”

Although it is sung from a man’s point of view, a mixed focus group of men and women in different relationship types established the song’s topic as universal in the rollout campaign.

In the contentious video shot by Andy Madeleine, Daniel Daley and his closest pal Mal are seen leaving for a night out as Jermaine Dupri makes a brief cameo. All the while, Daniel’s girlfriend is left at home alone and worries about what mischief the lads may get up to.

In their controversial new hymn, “If I Get Caught,” the Canadian pair embraces the polyamorous lifestyle. Check out the video for yourself.

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