Singer, songwriter and music artist Codie West astounds music lovers with his excellence in the art.

He highlights how his upcoming music will be hugely different from his previous records and can’t wait to drop them soon.

Isn’t it wonderful to learn about all those people and professionals who go beyond boundaries in order to raise the bar for others? These professionals, who mainly belong to the younger brigade, are those who believe in focusing on their innate skills and talents and sharpening the same to gain excellence in their niches, just like Codie West did in the world of music as an inspiring UK music artist. This young music talent is a growing singer, songwriter and recording artist, who never had things easy on his journey, but his love for music kept him going, he confesses.

Codie West is not an average success story that people hear about every day from across different industries. He is much more than that, which he has proved by the kind of life he has lived so far, struggling with ADHD, leaving school early, becoming homeless at 16 years, living in a hostel, surrounded by drug users and dealers and then getting housed in a studio flat. All this had a huge impact on his growing-up years, but it was then that music entered his life as hope. After getting featured on a six-episode TV show, “Jamies’ Dream school,” and meeting Jazzie B (Soul 2 Soul), a famous music guru on the show, things started changing for him.

After the TV show, Codie was sponsored a £20,000 fund by Google, which he spent entirely on education, music courses, film courses and media training to try and better his life and become more knowledgeable in the industry, which got him featured on many top publications and TV shows like XFactor UK as well. After XFactor, he got a -month contract to perform abroad on tour as one of the lead singers in The Jersey Boys, and then he performed locally and internationally, also performing twice at The Brit Awards After party with many celebrity guests attending.

In his incredible music career so far, he has given hits like Voices, All My Life, Almost Made It, Good Thing, Gold Girl, Need To Know, Stop Right Now, and more, collaborating with other tremendously talented artists in the industry. 

He has been writing more music for 2023 and is quite excited about his upcoming music, which, he says, will be hugely different to his previous records, and he can’t wait to drop them soon.

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