Alomai Addams, a Rising Star Who is Reaching New Heights in 2023

Actress and rising star Alomai Addams, is taking 2023 by storm. Her lead role in a soon-to-be-released true crime series, ‘Demons and Saviors’ and many other previous projects are only pit stops for her ongoing journey to a thriving acting career. Her recent success story was not contrived overnight. 

Alomai, translating to ‘god of moonlight’ in Guarani, was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Her remarkable talents stem from her grandfather, Jose Carabajal, who was a famous Uruguayan guitarist, composer, and singer. Her family roots instilled a passion in her, which ultimately led to the start of a promising acting career at a very young age. 

Alomai’s introduction to the world of acting began at the ripe age of 3. She auditioned for a commercial for Danone, a yogurt company that was launching a new yogurt flavor to target a younger demographic. Although she was too young to remember, her father explained the acting experience in vivid detail. Despite hating the flavor of yogurt, she ate it as if it was the most delectable taste that has come across her mouth, thus clenching the role and proving her remarkable acting potential. 

Alomai studied acting at The Youth Theatre School from 2005-2006 and eventually got scouted for her first major role in the indie film, ‘DonkeyGirl, directed by Ties Schenk. She later starred in a video clip called ‘Alleen,’ in 2015. She continued to refine her acting skills at De Trap Theater School, graduating in 2018. 

Addams’ acting journey has not always been straightforward and effortless. She said, “I left acting multiple times throughout my life because of a lack of self-confidence in my looks, talent and drive.” But like any other aficionado, Alomai always found her way back to her passion which has led her to be more inspired and ready to get back to work. Her spark in acting seems never to leave and tends to grow even more through any misfortune. 

Acting was just as much of a passion as it was an escape for Alomai.

Alomai uses acting as a safe place for her to be anything and everything without judgment or distress. She says, “As a pre-teen, theater was a playful way of self-expression. A place where I could feel safe being my goofy, funny, angry and intimidating self. There was all this space to explore myself and other people. I think growing up, I learned a lot from movies and characters, to understand why people would do heinous things or become a great success.” Alomai believed that the comprehension of how a story portrayed a character is a true art form that most seem to forget about when watching a film. Through films, Alomai finds personal inspiration within certain characters and their roles within a story.

Alomai admires strong female roles such as Rosamund Pike in Gone Girl and Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction. She also finds extreme inspiration from Beatrice Dalle in Betty Blue. Her overall favorite actor is Keanu Reeves, finding his life story to be relatable and his acting skills to be superb. These types of strong leads have incentivized her to draw out her acting career in the near future. 

Like any successful actress, Alomai is always seeking her next role. Most recently, she played a role in one of the episodes of ‘Bestseller Boy,’ a novel-based TV show by Mano Baouzamour. 

If Alomai can give any advice to aspiring actors or anyone with a dream, she says, “I believe that whatever life throws at you, it’s how you handle it that matters. If you believe in yourself, there is no one and nothing that can stop you from achieving your goals.” Her journey to such prosperity has been a long one, but her story of triumph is just beginning. 

Remember to check out this rising star in ‘Angels and Saviors’ on Hulu in 2023. 

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