“Jungkook larger than K-pop”: ARMY jubilate as the idol is named the greatest Korean male vocalist of all time by Rolling Stone

The Top 200 singers in the world were ranked by Rolling Stone on January 2, 2023, in a list titled “Greatest Singers of All Time.” BTS member Jungkook came in at number 191 on the list.

The newest member of BTS is the only male soloist from South Korea to make the list because to his incredible vocals and widespread appeal. In the published list, Rolling Stone also discussed the idol’s numerous attributes and skills.
Armed forces members were quick to boast about their favourite idol on social media once the list was made public. They even referred to him as “larger than K-pop” itself, emphasising how his global impact is influencing the K-pop business.
American monthly publication Rolling Stone focuses on politics, pop culture, and music.
The magazine went on to list the idol’s most notable recent accomplishments, chief among them being his collaboration with American singer-songwriter Charlie Puth on the album Left and Right, which set numerous records and won over ARMYs.
The Rolling Stone article went on to describe Jungkook’s vocal range in more detail, mentioning his capacity to sing high notes with ease and in time with the other BTS members. His solo songs, including Euphoria and Stay Alive, were also mentioned in the magazine.
Many of the idol’s songs, including Still With You, My You, 2U, and Lost Stars, were previously released to SoundCloud. On a number of noteworthy events, the songs were specifically dedicated to the ARMY.
The BTS member recently said goodbye to Kim Seok-jin, the group’s eldest member, who started his military service in December 2021. According to rumours, the golden Maknae might enlist in the military in June 2024.

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