Kylie Jenner, Khloé Kardashian’s “soulmate sister,” Turns 25: So Generous Yet Badass

Khloé sent lovely tributes to the beauty entrepreneur to commemorate her 25th birthday, joining her older sister Kim Kardashian, mother Kris Jenner, and younger sister Kendall Jenner.
Kylie Jenner’s family members lauded the beauty mogul for a life well (adorably!) lived as she turned 25.

Khloé Kardashian wrote a touching obituary for her younger sibling on Instagram on Wednesday. The post included a carousel of images of the couple taken throughout the years, one of which showed Kylie pregnant.

“Happy birthday to the girl who is full of wonder and love! One more solar orbital period. We have been fortunate to have you as an angel for yet another year, Khloé, 38, wrote next to the slideshow of pictures.

“Someone so good and fierce. someone who has such a zeal for life. Someone who is incredibly nurturing and compassionate. I get to see your wonderful development every day, every year as a mother, sister, friend, and businesswoman. “Watching your fervour and tenacious defence of your close group is both inspirational and honourable. Kylie Since the minute you entered this world, you have changed every one of our lives. The moment you were born, my life was entirely transformed for the better. Because of you, life is better.

Khloé continued, “I hope you never settle for anything less than the greatest this planet has to offer because you deserve nothing less. Kylie My goal for you is that you experience how others around you perceive you to be. Limitless!! I hope that as a result of our utter affection for you, you experience butterflies. I hope you understand how fixated on you I am. My sister, you have my undying love.
Kim Kardashian also shared a carousel of images of her “party girl” little sister and herself cuddling and making kissy faces in a tropical setting in a humorous tribute.

Kim, 41, posted on Instagram, “Happy Birthday party gal (in LaLa’s voice this whole trip lol). “Every year, you continue to astound me with your wisdom, fierce love for your family, and heartfelt generosity. You are very unique and remarkable. I pray for this forever because you have so much love and pleasure in your relationship.

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