Mia Ventura – The former Israeli soldier setting the glamour world on fire

This gorgeous model has more than just stunning looks and a curvaceous hourglass figure.

There are those few women who are so alluring and enigmatic that they make heads turn. The world of glamour and glitz has seen models who have rocked the industry not only with their exceptional looks, but also with their enchanting personalities. Mia Ventura is among them. Mia is an exotic beauty who was born of Spanish and Greek parents and was raised in Jerusalem. From the moment she came onto the scene, Mia set the world of glamour by fire. In a world full of social media model wannabes, Mia stands out. Her enchanting beauty, bubbly personality and intoxicating smile elevates Mia above all others.

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Mia started modelling at the age of 18. Posing for the camera with her charismatic joi de vivre, Mia garnered attention from all quarters of the world of fashion and glamour. But when her country called her to serve in the Israeli Defense Force, she answered the call. “I was serving with the IDF as a fitness trainer in the Air Force, and then eventually started to pursue my passion for modelling,” Mia explained. After completing her military service, Mia went on to become one of the world’s top supermodels. She has worked for the top brands of lingerie, bikinis, fashion, beauty, art nude and nudity. Mia has over half a million followers on Instagram @therealmia55, and hundreds of thousands more on other platforms, with more and more every day — clear proof of her growing popularity.

In addition to her military service, Mia became a flight attendant for a major commercial airline. Many of her travel pictures posted on her social media has gained a lot of attention, boosting her popularity even more. She draws a lot of inspiration from her mother who is battling a rare and debilitating illness. “Despite her health challenges, my mother is my strength and the most important person in the world to me. I love her more than anything,” Mia said, wiping away a tear.
When Mia is not traveling to exotic places to do photo shoots for top photographers and brands in the world, she resides in the desirable Larchmont neighborhood of Los Angeles. Mia is always experimenting with new content and exploring her sexuality on her social media sites. At age 23, she has already set the world on fire and looks forward to achieving more and more milestones and success in her modeling career.
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