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Hulu Stole Mike Tyson’s Life Story for Upcoming Series: “Heads Will Roll for This”

The boxing legend earlier called ‘Mike,’ which premieres on August 25, a “tone-deaf cultural theft.”

Mike Tyson is returning with a vengeance in Hulu’s new limited series on his life.

The former heavyweight champion resorted to social media to slam the streamer over Mike, a sitcom starring Trevante Rhodes that premieres on August 25. Tyson stated that Hulu “stole my life narrative,” underlining that he was not engaged in the biographical endeavour and was not reimbursed monetarily.

Saturday, he captioned an Instagram photo, “Hulu is the streaming equivalent of the slave master.” “Don’t let Hulu deceive you,” the message said. I disagree with their version of my life. It’s not the year 1822. It’s 2022. They took my life narrative without paying me. To Hulu execs, I’m simply a n— something they can sell at auction.”

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Tyson also expressed his displeasure on Twitter that day, with one remark saying, “Hulu stole my tale.” I’m David, and they’re Goliath. For this, heads will tumble.” “Hulu’s model of taking celebrity life rights is egregiously greedy,” a subsequent tweet stated.

Tyson alleged on social media the day before that Hulu gave UFC president Dana White “millions” to advertise the programme. “He declined because he values friendship and treating people with decency,” Tyson wrote.

When the programme was initially announced in February 2021, Tyson had similar reservations, describing to it as “tone-deaf cultural theft” in a since-deleted Instagram post. Tyson is now involved in a separate written TV project about his life, which is being developed by actor and executive producer Jamie Foxx and director Antoine Fuqua.

Mike is far from the only biographical endeavour to elicit criticism from persons who were not engaged, since dramatisations of notable personalities are very prevalent.

Winning Time, HBO’s drama series on the Los Angeles Lakers’ famed Showtime period in the 1980s, was recently attacked by a number of the people represented on the programme. In an article, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar said the series’ characterizations “reeked of facile exploitation,” while Jerry West’s legal team sought a retraction and apology. (HBO, for its part, defended the show, saying it was “based on significant factual investigation and credible sources.”)

During Mike’s presentation at the Television Critics Association press conference earlier this month, executive producer Steven Rogers (I, Tonya) and writer Karin Gist both said that they had no intention of depicting Tyson as a hero or villain.

“All we wanted to do was deliver an impartial tale and let the audience determine what they thought or felt,” Gist said. “I’m challenging what people believe they know about Mike and hope that the series gives them something different to think about.”

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