Selena Gomez Always Wears the Trendiest Nail Colors

And demonstrating that monochromatic manicures never go out of style.

Looking for some beauty inspo? Selena Gomez, an actress, singer, and businesswoman, is your best bet. The star is now offering some big nail inspo in addition to her TikTok-viral beauty goods from her firm Rare Beauty and her brilliant cosmetic hacks.

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Even if autumn is on its way, Selena Gomez is still dishing out the best summer nails. Tom Bachik, her regular manicurist, is at least. On August 24, Selena’s yellow manicure was shared on Instagram by the nail technician. He captioned the image, “Calm (Down) Yellow for this ray of sunlight @selenagomez.” Selena’s most recent nail design is evidence that a monochromatic manicure is always a good choice, even though the light, summery colour invites us to take advantage of the remaining days of the season.

And even though elaborate nail art has recently been all the rage, Sel has had the chicest one-color nails all summer. The actress promoted olive green a week earlier with a monochrome ensemble that many believed would become the “largest” colour trend for the next season.

Previously, the celebrity adopted Barbiecore and neon nails, which were both current colour fads. On August 8, Bachik shared a photo of Selena’s brand-new set on Instagram, which included oval-shaped nails that were pastel pink in colour. The peaceful yellow tone and the cotton candy colour both originated from the Korean company Mithmillo and completely changed the way people thought about the Barbie pink craze. Selena chose a joyous bright green to lend a splash of colour to her otherwise monochromatic manicure back in July.

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Selena’s approach to single-color manicures is definitely worth mimicking before entering fall because there are so many great summer colours to select from. She and Tom Bachik, a favourite of the stars, will likely continue to provide weekly nail inspiration until fall arrives.

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