Psychological-Drama genre revived thanks to independent films

If you’re a fan of psychological drama movies, you may have been upset about the lack of finding any good new ones coming out of Hollywood as of recently. Lucky for you, independent films have adopted this genre as their favorite child, and oh boy do they spoil it!!. There’s a legitimate number of gals and guys (We will provide some names below for you to look- up) that have been creating fresh, innovative, and somehow simple yet complicated psychological films; you just have to look for them because unlike Hollywood’s advertising agendas you won’t hear their names thrown at you every time you glance at a screen, they simply don’t have the cash backing to do so; But they have the ideas, the good ones. It’s an entire school of unique concepts ready to be explored by you, the viewer, from futuristic-worrying elements to unheard of natural-disasters to childhood-trauma to disturbing interpretations of God; you’ll find it all. We suggest starting with the names below of directors whom we‘be had the pleasure judging their work at a few different festivals: Xavier Dolan (winner of Art cinema award for best director), Quinn Shephard (Best screenplay at independent spirit awards), Damien Chazelle (Creator of the original Whiplash), Eslam Hozayen (Cannes best director for a short film), K.D Dávila (Oscar Nominee for Please Hold), and last but not least Carey Williams (Emergency). Dig into their work for a good first dive into the genre, and from there you’ll find your way to many more.

Nicole White

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