Happy Woozi Day! Let’s review the top tracks produced by the resident producer of SEVENTEEN.

Enjoy some incredible songs that the outstanding producer of SEVENTEEN has written and composed as we commemorate Woozi’s birthday. Read on to learn more.

South Korean musician Woozi works with Pledis Entertainment as a producer, composer, and performer. He is the captain of the vocal team and a member of the boy band SEVENTEEN. He is also a member of the exclusive group known as “Leaders.” Woozi has composed songs not just for Seventeen but also for other K-pop artists including NU’EST W, Ailee, I.O.I, and Chanyeol. Woozi began studying classical music at an early age and picked up the clarinet and other band instruments. Following a successful audition for Pledis Entertainment, he connected with labelmate and regular producer of songs Bumzu. Here are some outstanding tunes Woozi has written:

The majority of SEVENTEEN’s songs have been written and composed by him, although Adore U5 was his debut song as a member of SEVENTEEN.
Love you
It serves as the extended play’s lead single, “17 Carat.” A adolescent kid struggling to manage puppy love is the subject of the groovy pop tune. It serves as the first song in the group’s trilogy about a male meeting, falling in love with, and asking out a lady, which consists of the singles Adore U, Mansae, and Pretty U. The song, which remains indelible in the hearts of Carats, was the pinnacle of K-Pop. Additionally, this marked the start of Woozi’s illustrious career as a producer, composer, and songwriter.

Don’t Pay Secret Attention
The sentimental song, “Going Seventeen,” is from another EP, and it is performed by the vocal group of SEVENTEEN, which consists of Woozi, DK, Seungkwan, Joshua, and Jeonghan. They are both sad about the loss of their loved one, and the song acts as a love letter in which they express their actual thoughts. They ask their partner to cry and experience their emotions as well, but to not run away from them. It is a genuinely emotional experience, and one where one can hear the sadness.


It is a b-side from the fourth album by SEVENTEEN, Repackage SECTOR 17. The song, a lyrical ballad, urges us to confront our troubles together and demonstrates how music may lessen suffering. After the group’s BE THE SUN North American Tour came to an end, the song gained popularity once more a month later. Woozi discussed the song’s significance to him during a performance, saying that it was an open message to Wonwoo, his fellow members, Carats, and himself. As they sing of always being together, the song leaves you feeling emotional.

Happy Flower

The phrase is a traditional Korean word that describes how a grin on your face blossoms into laughing. This word literally translates to “smiling flower” or “laughing flower,” which may sound funny to speak in English. However, in Korean, this lovely and incomprehensible expression expresses the transition from a grin to a laugh and how happiness can permeate your entire body. The song itself is a supporter of Carats and a love letter to them. It’s possible to sense the feelings that the band members wished to convey to their followers.

Rainfall – I.O.I

After becoming one of Korea’s most well-known artists of 2016, the group’s final endeavour as a unit is the song. The song was a farewell to their supporters and one another when they parted ways, and it was written and recorded by Woozi. The music video for the song included documentary-style footage of the I.O.I members during the course of their year-long collaboration. The group’s 11 members were chosen among 101 trainees aspiring to be K-pop stars and were created through the 2016 Korean television programme Produce 101. I.O.I, an abbreviation for “Ideal of Idol,” is the name of the group and highlights the members’ knowledge and potential as some of the best K-pop idol trainees of 2016.

Ruby (Woozi) (Woozi)

It is Woozi’s first solo release. He contributed to all parts of production, as would be anticipated from the leader of SEVENTEEN, including lyrics, composition, and arrangement, giving his solo debut unmatched musical colour and emotions. This all-English pop-rock song compares falling in love with a girl to the magic that comes with being mesmerised by a diamond. It features and emphasises his fiery voice against a symphonic rock melody. In order to showcase his singing abilities, he also penned the song for Carats. Additionally, Ruby is the second edition in SEVENTEEN’s “The Thirteen Tapes” project, in which each of the group’s thirteen members is supposed to produce a solo mixtape showcasing their distinct personalities and artistic styles.

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