Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys responds to claims of rape against minors following a lawsuit from a fan.

In 2001, a 17-year-old girl was allegedly sexually assaulted by Nick Carter. The Backstreet Boys singer refuted this in a statement sent through his lawyer.

This article contains allusions to rape, trauma, sexual harassment, and self-harm.

Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys was recently sued by a fan who claimed he had molested her in 2001. In a statement issued by his attorney, the artist refuted the allegations. The claimed victim has accused Nick of raping her when she was 17 according to a new lawsuit and a news conference given by the alleged victim and her attorneys on Thursday.

Nick Carter is charged with sexual assault.
The now-39-year-old woman stated in the press conference that Nick Carter’s rape of her 21 years ago has left her with “pain, confusion, frustration, shame, and self-harm that are a direct result of Nick Carter raping me.” Ruth also stated that three other women are named in a joie de garde against Nick Carter, according to Ruth’s attorney Mark J. Boskovich. The attorney asserted that Nick Carter had a long history of mistreating women.

Nick Carter’s declaration
The Backstreet Boys singer issued a statement via his lawyer disputing all of the allegations, telling Page Six that “this claim about an incident that allegedly occurred more than 20 years ago is not only legally meritless but also entirely untrue.” The statement also said, “Unfortunately, for several years now, Ms. Ruth has been manipulated into making false allegations about Nick – and those allegations have changed repeatedly and materially over time. No one should believe anything she says.

Carter has just been accused of assault, only weeks after the terrible death of his younger brother Aaron Carter on November 5.

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