Introducing Saudi Arabian Artist Savage Fric, with a global fan base around the world

Savage Fric has been elevating musical experiences and giving people something they can stay hooked on to for the longest.

No matter how much ever people speak about professionals doing tremendously well in their respective industries, they feel much more discussions are still needed around them for the world to understand their brilliance and know their genius. Several such geniuses are born every year across fields, but among them, a few of them still stand tall and unique from the rest in more ways than one. Out of so many industries, the music realm is a world of its own, and to clock in incredible success in the same can prove to be extremely daunting and challenging. However, this is when Saudi Arabian artist Savage Fric enters the picture and makes everything look effortless as a hip-hop rapper, songwriter, and music artist.

With his songs like Pop, Say So, and his debut track Pills, he has been able to showcase his A-game in music, so much so that today he has even garnered attention all across the world and not just in the US, where he is currently based. Achieving this at a mere 25 years is something not all artists have been able to do at the very beginning of their career, but Savage Fric is an exception, a rare music gem who never shies away from taking risks in the industry and focusing all his energies into creating songs that can speak enough of the phenomenal skills he is made of as a performer.

Savage Fric is quite astounded by the reception of his songs by a global audience. He, however, says that every time he sits to create something new, he only focuses on how well he can connect with each of his listeners and hardly think about the number game in the industry. He says that working every day on music with the aim to create magic is something that has always kept him motivated on his journey and also believes this to be the reason for his songs to work so well on charts and streaming platforms like Spotify (

Soon after Pills was released under Coke Boys records, with whom Savage Fric (@oksavagefric) had signed his first record deal in 2021, it earned him nearly half a million streams across all platforms, and since then, it has only been growing.

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