Lizzo praised Harry Styles, saying that he can put even the most socially awkward person at ease.

Lizzo talks about her first encounter with Harry Styles, a former member of One Direction.

The hit-maker Lizzo spoke candidly about her first encounter with Harry Styles in a recent interview with Spout Podcast, as reported by Just Jared. Fans adore the two superstars for their enduring relationship, which sometimes manifests itself in legendary performances. Fans are anticipating their joint endeavours after their memorable Coachella performance, during which Styles unexpectedly brought on Lizzo.

Lizzo quipped, “How much of this tale do I disclose,” as she spoke about her “interesting” first encounter with the ex-member of One Direction. Lizzo began by describing how she first met the musician before telling her tale. She said that after seeing Harry perform on Saturday Night Live, she started to like him. “I saw him on SNL and I was like, oh my god,” she recalled. This song is fantastic. Then he performed Juice in his Live Lounge, and she said, “I was like, oh my my, there’s a mutual respect here.”

She then began to recount their first encounter in person. She said, “We were scheduled to perform on a programme together, and it was like, well, we have to go to Miami to perform on this event. Split a jet, then. As a result, Harry and I essentially met on a flight while travelling to Miami for our first encounter. We had a lengthy conversation. She said, “He’s a terrific guy, a great listener, a very excellent listener and really cares about how you feel, and extremely hilarious. ” She also praised the Falling vocalist. So for those with social anxiety, that’s a fascinating method to meet someone for the first time.

Not the best method, Lizzo continued. However, Harry has the ability to make even the most shy individual feel at ease.

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