Sam Fender cancels performances to concentrate on mental health

Sam Fender has declared that he would temporarily stop touring in order to take care of his mental health.

The celebrity announced on social media that he and his band were “burnt out” to fans.
It won’t get better unless I take the time to do it, he added, “My friends and coworkers have been worried about me for a while.”
Future US headlining performances by Fender as well as appearances by Florence and the Machine at the Life is Beautiful Festival will be postponed.
Additionally impacted are his rescheduled appearances at UK record shops.

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However, the North Shields player expressed his excitement for his upcoming trips to Australia in late November and “everything in 2023,” including my homecoming concerts in June at Newcastle United’s St. James’ Park, for which tickets quickly sold out.
In his statement, he said, “It seems totally hypocritical of me to promote debate on mental health and create songs about it, if I don’t take the time to look after my own mental health.
“I’ve disregarded my needs for more than a year, and I haven’t dealt with issues that have had a significant impact on me.

“Doing this work on myself while travelling is impossible, and pretending to be happy and healthy for the sake of business is tiring.”

The Low Lights Tavern in North Shields, where Fender worked and was discovered at the age of 18, has transformed both of his two Brit Awards into beer hand pulls.
The UK charts were topped by both of his albums—2019’s Hypersonic Missiles and 2021’s Seventeen Going Under—the latter of which was nominated for a Mercury Music Prize.

Fender apologised and said he was “eternally overwhelmed” by the “love and support” of the crowd. He also added that his health was starting to impair everything he did, including his concerts.
You guys deserve nothing less, so I won’t go out there and not give it my all every time, he continued.
“I can’t even begin to describe how appreciative we are to having such a great fan base.”

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