The top 17 Adam Sandler motion pictures to see in 2022

See the top 17 Adam Sandler films to see in 2022 below.

With the appropriate project, actors like Adam Sandler have given us some films that fall right into that dreadful region. He has the ability to say a lot without using words. He has been significant for a very long time. He offered us some fantastic romantic comedies, but occasionally we regret seeing some of his productions.

These films have received mixed reviews from critics and popular audiences.

The Top 17 Adam Sandler Films to See in 2022

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1) Grown Ups

Adam Sandler and Fred Wolf co-wrote and Dennis Dugan directed the 2010 American comedy Grown Ups. Along with Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade, Rob Schnieder, Salma Hayek, Maria Bello, and Maya Rudolph, Sandler also appears in the movie. The movie chronicles the reunion of five friends who lost touch when their high school basketball coach passed away.

The movie did not get good reviews. So far, I haven’t found a single favourable review. So perhaps the fact that it isn’t now streaming anywhere in India isn’t such a horrible thing.

2) Spanglish
The 2004 American romantic comedy-drama Spanglish, starring Adam Sandler, Tea Leoni, Paz Vega, and Cloris Leachman, was written and directed by James L. Brooks. Poor single mother Flow Moreno immigrates to the United States in 1992 in hopes of a better life for herself and her kid. John and Deborah Classky’s housekeeper Flow Moreno is employed by them.

The movie did not get good reviews. The movie is given a 54 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. For Rs 80, you may watch it on YouTube

3) Little Nicky
A 2000 American Fantasy comedy movie called Little Nicky was written by Brill, Sandler, and Timothy Herlihy and directed by Steven Brill. Playing the Satan’s son Nicky is Adam Sandler. His two older brothers are men. The future ruler of hell must be chosen by Satan. Yet another film that struggled to find success both commercially and critically. This movie has a 21 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

This is available on Apple TV+.

4) Just Go With It
Starring Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman, and Brooklyn Decker, this 2011 romantic comedy was a hit. produced by Adam Sandler and directed by Dennis Dugan. This tale was first a French farce, and it was later made into the film Cactus Flower. Finally, this was turned into a different movie called Just Go With It. Although the comedy is not regarded as one of Sandler’s best pieces, it is nevertheless a fantastic one-time watch for your upcoming day-in date!

covering the lives of a plastic surgeon who stages a stupid falsehood in an effort to seduce an instructor who is considerably younger. His helper and his ex-wife are standing by him as he performs this absurdity. You are correct if this plot sounds similar to you. This does resemble the Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Sushmita Sen, and Arshad Warsi film “Maine Pyar Kyu Kiya” a lot.

Yes, the same film from which Just Go With It was also adapted, 1969’s Cactus Flower, was the inspiration for Maine Pyar Kyu Kiya.

Just Go With It is currently accessible on Netflix India.

5) 50 First Dates
Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore star in Peter Segal’s comedy 50 First Dates from 2004. Sean Astin, Rob Schnieder, and. After a first date that seemed to go on forever, Henry Roth, a veteran, appreciates his single life more than anybody else. Yes, he meets a girl who suffers from short-term memory loss syndrome and wakes up every day to a stranger she fell in love with the day before.

Fans were ecstatic to see Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore return after many years apart because their partnership was more than just well-known. A very similar rom-com named The Vow, starring Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum, came out a few years after this comedy due of its unique perspective on rom-coms. The movie “That Movie” is also fantastic.

YouTube has a streaming version of 50 First Dates. But it’s not free.

6) Happy Gilmore
Dennis Dugan’s 1996 comedy in the sports genre, Happy Gilmore, centres on a failed hockey player who discovers his passion for golf. To prevent the foreclosure of his grandmother’s house, he enters a long drive competition.

On its opening weekend, Happy Gilmore ranked highly at the U.S. box office. Fun fact: Jamie Sadlowski, a long drive champion and professional golfer, was compared to Happy Gilmore since he had played hockey in the past.

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7) The Wedding Singer
This is a 1998 American romantic comedy film that was written and directed by Frank Coraci. The movie, in which Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, and Christine Taylor feature, is about a wedding singer who falls madly in love with a server.

Despite the negative reviews, the movie became one of Adam Sandler’s most well-known productions in the annals of cinema. The movie’s $18 million budget resulted in a $128 million global box office haul.

Even in the present day, this is absolutely worth watching.

Sadly, I was unable to locate a platform where the movie is accessible.

8) Funny People

Did You Know These Funny People? As a result of his past commitment to this film, Adam Sandler was forced to decline the role of Bear Jew in Inglorious Basterds. American comedy-drama Funny People was written and filmed by Judd Apatow in 2009. George Simmons, a middle-aged former stand-up comedian who is now an actor, is the person whose life we follow. When it comes to his mental health, George is not entirely in good shape. He made the decision to return to Stand-up, where his heart belongs, believing that we would soon pass away.

Although the movie garnered positive reviews, several people criticised it for being too long. The movie made $51.9 million in revenue in the US and Canada.

This movie is currently only available on Apple TV+.

9) Billy Madison
A 1995 American comedy film with Adam Sandler in the eponymous role, directed by Tamra Davis, got mixed reviews from reviewers but went on to become one of Sandler’s most well-known performances.

Billy Madison is the pampered brat you want to avoid running into. On his father’s estate, he spends his days drinking with buddies and causing havoc.

He quickly finds himself in a very challenging position where he must return to school and complete his education in order to inherit his father’s firm, which will then go to the annoying Vice-President.

One of Adam Sandler’s best roles as a teenage comedian is this particular performance. There is no middle ground with this movie; you either love it or you detest it.

Unfortunately, India doesn’t yet have access to this movie.

10) The Meyerowitz Stories
This is a 2017 American comedy-drama film that Noah Baumbach both wrote and directed. Emma Thompson, Elizabeth Marvel, and Adam Sandler appear in the movie.

The plot centres on a dysfunctional family of siblings who are trying to work out long-standing problems, most of which have to do with their father. The anecdote had me thinking of the plot of the HBO black comedy-drama Succession, which debuted in 2018.

You as a viewer can genuinely empathise with Adam Sandler’s character in this film. You would genuinely believe that you were a part of this family drama. Sandler’s highest-rated movie to date is The Meyerowitz Stories.

This movie is available on Netflix India.

11) You Don’t Mess with the Zohan
The 2008 American action comedy You Don’t Mess with the Zohan, which Adam Sandler wrote and produced, was helmed by Dennis Dugan. starring Rob Schnieder, Laine Kazan, Nick Swardson, John Turturro, Adam Sandler, and Emmanuelle Chriqui.

In this film, we are introduced to the lives of the Israeli Defense Forces, in particular, to the superhuman Israeli Counterterrorist who is tired of his life and wants to cut hair and become a beautician! in fact!

This is not the book for you if you can’t stand illogical fiction. Even though the movie did not earn good reviews, you can still like it. The humour in the film is really brilliant and primarily makes fun of global geopolitics. They are obviously referring to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as the specific problem in question.

But despite how deep it might sound, it’s not. With snarky remarks and outrageous comedy replacing the awkward silences that might otherwise occur, it almost feels like a freely scripted movie. Even if it’s not one of his better movies, it’s still a lot of fun.

This is available on Netflix India.

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12) Big Daddy
American comedy Big Daddy was released in 1999. It was directed by Dennis Dugan and written by Steve Franks, Tim Herlihy, and Adam Sandler. In order to get his ex-girlfriend back, a seriously disturbed man adopts a 6-year-old in the story. The inclusion of two gay characters into this film was criticised as an attempt to generate cheap laughs.

Unfortunately, no place in India is now broadcasting it.

13) Hotel Transylvania
Todd Durham, a comedian, is the author of the American animated television series Hotel Transylvania. In 2012, 2015, 2018, and 2022, respectively, Hotel Transylvania 1, 2, 3, and Hotel Transylvania: Transformania were released.

Dracula (Adam Sandler) built the Hotel Transylvania castle so that monsters could live there and he could safeguard his daughter, Selena Gomez, who was half vampire and half human, from the threat posed by people. Mavis, his daughter, will reach 118 this year, yet she still appears to be in her early teens.

The crowd enjoyed this family film, and Sandler did a great job with his voice acting.

With your children, you may currently watch this on Amazon Prime Video.

14) Uncut Gems
Josh and Benny Safdie, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Ronald Bronstein, are the directors of the 2019 American crime film Uncut Gems. Fun fact: He had a close call with death during filming this movie when one of his co-stars suffocated him unintentionally during an action scene. Discover more about it right here!

Both critics and the general public adore the movie Uncut Gems.

This is the tale of Howard Ratner, who owns and operates KMH in the diamond district of New York City. The protagonist never misses an opportunity to take a risk, which makes the novel exciting. This film has a very peculiar power to induce anxiety throughout its duration. One of Adam Sandler’s top films is this one. Pick this movie to watch if you want to see one movie tonight with him in it.

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15) Reign Over me
Mike Binder is the author and director of the 2007 American drama film Reign over me. The film stars Adam Sandler, Don Cheadle, Jada Pinkett smitt, Liv Tyler, Donald Sutherland, Saffron Burrows, and Mike Binder himself.

The narrative centres on Charlie Fineman, who experienced total loss in the 2001 Twin Towers collapse. He lost his two daughters and the love of his life five years ago. Everyone in his life has reasons to be concerned about him. The movie got favourable reviews. Anyone who reads or watches this story will always feel sympathy for his loss. It’s a wonderful story of love, loss, and friendship.

This movie is not available for streaming yet.

16) Hubie Halloween
It is a relatively younger movie that was released on October 7, 2020. It is written by Adam Sandler and Tim Herlihy and stars an ensemble cast consisting of Sandler in the title role and Kevin James, Julie Bowen, Ray Liotta, Rob Schnieder, June Squibb, Kenan Thompson, Shaquille O’Neal, Steve Buscemi, and Maya Rudolph.

Hubie Dubios is yet another stupid man who is a delicatessen worker in Salem, Massachusetts. He is the clown of the town, mocked by the entire community. He helps as a monitor during Halloween but the Halloween takes a weird turn when people who were mean to Hubie start disappearing.

Hubie Halloween is a sweet holiday movie that you can watch on Netflix, India.

17) Punch-Drunk Love
Punch-Drunk Love is a 2002 American romantic comedy-drama film written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. Starring Adam Sandler, Emily Watson, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Luis Guzman, and Mary Lynn Rajskub.

In this movie, Sandler plays Barry Egan, an executive in a company with a product line of toiletries. Barry, just like Joey from friends, has seven sisters. Puch-Drunk love has been ranked in first place again and again and again.

Unfortunately, it’s not available for streaming in India, as of now.

With that, we come to the end of this list. If you are into no-brainer comedies then you’ll be missing out on a lot if you haven’t watched any of the Adam Sandler movies. Be sure to, pick one from the list we have curated for you. Do leave your thought in the comment section below. We love to hear from you.

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