Gabby from The Bachelorette Deserves a Happy Resolution

One of them has genuinely had a harder time of it on this unprecedented season of The Bachelorette(s), which has featured not one but two bachelorettes. Although Gabby Windey, a 31-year-old ICU nurse, has experienced more tears and threats to leave the programme than Rachel Recchia, a 26-year-old flight instructor, Rachel’s “adventure” has been rather uneventful. Rachel has advanced through the many phases of Bachelorette World according to plan, and last night’s revelation that she is in love with her front-runner, Tino, a 27-year-old general contractor from California, marked the culmination of her journey. In contrast, Gabby has spent the entire season debating much more profound issues, such as whether or not her “broken family” upbringing will hinder her from finding genuine love and whether or not she is emotionally capable of being a mother. Her reaction to last night’s episode was to cry.

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Everything began with reasonable optimism when Gabby and Rachel met at a resort in the Riviera Maya for their crucial Fantasy Suite dates. At the beginning, each had a choice of three males they may potentially sleep with. Gabby had Erich as her front-runner, along with Johnny and Jason, and Rachel was thinking about the aforementioned Tino, Aven, and Zach. The producers divided this epic week of adult sleepovers into two episodes, so we didn’t get to witness all six dates last night (we’ll have to watch again tonight to get the entire experience).

The dates Rachel had were successful. Aven, a 28-year-old sales executive who last week drove Rachel to see his parents in Salem, Massachusetts, first rented a boat with her. Unbelievably, The Bachelorette has never featured a hot tub on the deck of a boat before (that I can recall). Rachel welcomed Aven to the Fantasy Suite despite the fact that he is not and has never been a front-runner, and she allowed the cameras to capture their morning cuddle. Later, giggling like a schoolgirl, she said to the camera, “Aven is the complete deal.” Well done, she.

Following Aven, Rachel went on her Fantasy Suite date with Tino, which went even better because they both publicly proclaimed their love for one another before they ever arrived at the hotel. Rachel remarked, “I truly do see Tino at the end. “I cherish Rachel. Tino agreed, “This is the nicest night ever. Although I’m sure the writers will make Tino as envious as they can when Rachel goes on her third Fantasy Suite date with Zach on tonight’s episode, it looks like a done deal.

The dating week for Gabby was much more complicated. She has a close relationship with her front-runner, Erich, a 29-year-old real estate analyst from New Jersey, but he has made it apparent that he does not approve of her having affairs with other men. Because Fantasy Suite week is a ludicrous idea for a programme ostensibly dedicated to encouraging long-term monogamous couples, this disagreement always surfaces during Fantasy Suite week in one form or another. Unfortunately, Erich’s (perhaps understandable) envy is now something Gabby must contend with. After her overall pleasant date with him, he called her to a bridge and handed her a date card, which was obviously the product of producers. He did this to make it apparent to her that he is uncomfortable with the notion of her dating the other guys.

The gesture emotionally destroyed her, which I think was the makers’ goal. She cried into the camera and said, “This feels like the end for me.” The issue is that Erich is essentially the only remaining guy who wants a committed relationship with Gabby. Because he couldn’t genuinely tell Gabby that he was ready for an engagement—with her or anybody else—Johnny fled before he could reach the Fantasy Suite. (Quote of the evening: He groaned, “There goes my lady,” as she strolled off to embark on a sultry boat trip by herself.) Jason also admitted to the host Jesse Palmer (He made it to Mexico!) that he is not even close to falling in love with Gabby or being prepared for an engagement.

Why then did the producers urge Erich to press Gabby on the monogamy issue? They are aware that he will ultimately prevail. However, instead of being delighted that the guy she likes the most wants to commit to her for the rest of her life, Gabby now has to feel awful about how much Erich adores her.

Tonight’s episode of the Fantasy Suite may, with the help of God, restore Gabby’s happy ending. The episode’s preview, however, does not give us much hope: We see Gabby sobbing as she exits in a golf cart after host Jesse informs Rachel that she will not be attending the rose ceremony.

This won’t do at all. I’m hoping the producers can find a way to make Gabby happy once more, but I’m afraid they’ll find a way to make Rachel just as miserable. More to come!

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