The Weeknd abruptly quits a performance in Los Angeles: I just became voiceless.

The Weeknd abruptly ended his LA performance, telling supporters that they would receive a full refund for the event after admitting that his voice had failed.

The Weeknd abruptly ended his Saturday night performance at Sofi Stadium in Los Angeles after declaring that he didn’t believe he could provide the entertainment that fans payed for because he had lost his voice. Less than 15 minutes into his After Hours Til Dawn Tour performance at SoFi Stadium, the singer decided to end it. A trailer for his upcoming show The Idol was also played before his performance.

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The artist performed for about fifteen minutes following the teaser, but he then said that he would have to postpone the performance. According to Variety, The Weeknd addressed the crowd and said, “I have no idea what just occurred. However, I just lost my voice, and although I don’t want to halt the show, I am unable to give you the concert you deserve at this time.

He went on to say, “I’ll make sure everyone is happy, you’ll get your money back, and I’ll perform for you guys shortly. But I felt the need to publicly apologise. I’m sorry; you know how much this hurts me. He concluded, “I love you, thank you so much, before leaving the stage.”

The singer, who abruptly ended the performance, later clarified the incident on Twitter and expressed his “devastation” at losing his voice during the first song. The musician ended his statement by promising to make it up to his fans by rescheduling his concert.

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